Life as the Rich and the Famous in Cash, Inc.:Fame & Fortune Game

Alegrium, an independent mobile game developer behind the Icon Pop Series and Billionaire, released another exciting mobile game to the market: Cash, Inc.. Alegrium wants to bring fresh business simulation mobile game with it’s earmark: fun pop-culture reference and colorful graphic. Designed for both iOS and Android, Alegrium decided to take on both platform as potential markets for Cash, Inc. The game has been downloaded by more than 300,000 people in less than a month since its first release, with 4.75 as the average users’ rating to-date.

In Cash, Inc. players will play as a business owner in an abandoned, run-down commercial tower. Motivated by other successful tycoon, players are now faced with the challenge to create their own business empire, skyrocketing above every other tycoons. Not only the players aim to gain a ton of profit from their business, they must also try to become the most famous business owner in the world.

Players begin their business adventure by establishing one business. As the players progresses throughout the game, players can choose between buying new kind of business to gain profit, or focusing only in one business to be a monopolist. All while trying to be famous. When players have enough money, they can hire some famous figures to hang out with, and to manage the business.

As players become more and more successful, players can led a lazy yet productive life by letting people manage their businesses. This is Cash, Inc.’s way to give players the liberty of choosing their own pace. Meaning, players can still be productive even when they are away from the game!

When players are ready to take their business to the next level, they can choose to sell their business, and start over from the beginning. There will be so much in-game benefit to the players who stepped into the spotlight, such as massive boost in their profit. After all, drastic action calls for drastic incentive.

Cash, Inc. will bring players the joy of conquering the business world, as the familiar pop-culture references, vibrant colors, and unique characters are ready to welcome players. Age-rated as 3+ in Google Play Store and AppStore, the game can be enjoyed by everyone across all ages.

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