Influencers Join The Ranks In Immortal Conquest's Battle For Charity

Veterans, Youtubers, and Streamers from all walks of life are joining the over ten thousand players in NetEase's hit mobile grand strategy Immortal Conquest for the chance to give $15,000 to charity. 

Immortal Conquest's Nerd vs Veteran charity campaign has just begun, and thousands of players new and old signed up on the Art of War server to compete for charity. Now, influencers from all over the world have begun to take part in the charity affair with many making videos about their factions:
Nikki Taylor showcases the overall campaign and core game.
US Veteran Drew Hernandez joins the Veteran faction and talks about Immortal Conquest's gameplay.
Former professor of Columbia University and founder of Predictive Analytics World, Eric Siegel, Ph.d. joins faction Nerd.
US Navy Reserve Commander Anthony Schwarz joins the Veteran faction!
Nerd Faction Ambassador Dan Bull recruits players to his cause!
Veteran ambassador CPT Stephen Machuga: gamer, a military veteran, and C.E.O of Stack-Up begins recruitment for the Veteran faction.The main goal of this epic campaign is to conquer the jewel city of Delphi. Both factions have already begun waging war for charity and the early skirmishes have already begun to net results. The calculating Nerds are currently ahead on cities captured, having captured four level 3 cities and one level 4. The tactically minded Vets are not far behind with having captured three level 3 cities.

However, the Vets are beginning to consolidate their forces for a counterattack while the Nerds spread thin, covering more territory. The Veteran alliances have spent their time building up their forces and leveling their troops. They currently rank higher in terms of power versus the Nerd factions, so be prepared for an assault very soon that could shift the balance of territory in their favor!

The tension is heating up in the monumental showdown and players can still join the faction of their choice by downloading Immortal Conquest for free on iOS and Android devices now.

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