HTC introduces its new VR headset showcasing Spark of Light

Today HTC Vive President China, Alvin Graylin Wang, had the honour to show the world its new VR headset at the HTC Developer Conference in Beijing. To showcase this headset, called Vive Focus, VR game 'Spark of Light' of Dutch game developer Pillow's Willow VR Studios was displayed.

'We chose to use Spark of Light on stage as this game shows the distinguishing features of our new headset in an optimal way', Alvin Graylin Wang explains; ‘for example this wireless headset with integrated processor, allows the user to move more freely in the virtual world. For example, Spark of Light has a high level of details and with our headset you can really lean forward and have a look at all the beautifully created visuals in the game’.

Also the game developer is satisfied with HTC’s new developments. ‘Besides the introduction of the Vive Focus, also Vive Wave was introduced. This is HTC’s open platform for VR, meaning that our games, without extra work, now are playable on many VR headsets of different manufacturers’, Pillow’s Willow VR studios CEO Andy Lürling mentions; ‘This really can be seen as a new step to maturity of the VR market.’

The games studio Chief Creative Officer, Peter Kortenhoeven adds: ‘with our proprietary DreamLight system we have anticipated on this next generation headset with integrated processor. With its higher frame rate than the mobile phones versions, the visuals we created just give a so much better experience for the players of our games’.

The HTC Vive Focus will be available in 2018, first in China followed by the rest of the world later that year. Spark of Light is available on the Vive Wave platform, and has been available on the Gear VR and on Google Daydream already.
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