Goblins Of Elderstone Introduction

Auckland, NZ - October 31, 2017 - Hello fellow Goblin overlords! We are excited to share with you that the work on the best Goblin Tribe Simulator on the market is progressing really well!  After long months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce that Goblins of Elderstone will premiere on Q1 2018 on Steam Early Access!

About Goblins of Elderstone

Rule over your chaotic kingdom and raid dungeons and villages to keep feeding your ever-growing tribe. Be the whatever kind of Goblin King or Queen you want! In Goblins of Elderstone, the choice is yours. You can be wise and industrious or create a trade empire, or through the power of your gods be a conqueror and show the world the power of your goblin forces.


  • Freeform city building - Goblins don't like orderly straight lines, so there is no grid-based city building.
  • Large resource and crafting tree - With over 30 different resources that can be gathered, crafted, traded or raided, your goblins will always have plenty of work to do.
  • Clan, World and Divine politics - Use a combination of fast talking, gift giving, violence and threats to keep your clan and council in line. Use these same action in dealing with the other rulers of the world and even your chosen gods.
  • War, Trade or Faith - Chose to play as either a conquering warlord, a shrewd trader or the powerful chosen one of your gods.
  • Scout, Raid, Trade or Pilgrimage - Goblins don't really farm so as your tribe grows in size you will need to form your goblins up into trek parties and send them out to raid and pillage dungeons and other towns.
  • RPG Story Moments - Elderstone is an ancient place and each story told in it is unique. Deal with traveling strangers, evil overlords, cunning dragons or benevolent gods. Stories written by Edwin McRae - the writer behind Path of Exile and other amazing games.
  • Defend your tribe - Darkness lurks around every turn, protect the tribe from roaming monsters or pesky adventurers. Fight off enemy raid parties and retaliate with your own.
  • Survive winter - winter is harsh with extreme cold, lack of resources and the presence of undead creatures. Preparing for each winter is crucial to your tribe's survival.

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