CROSSFIRE: The CFS 2017 Grand Finals will take place this Sunday

Smilegate Europe has officially revealed details of the world championship for its FPS game CROSSFIRE, the ‘CROSSFIRE STARS 2017 Grand Finals (CFS 2017)’. The tournament will run from November 30th through December 3rd in the city of Xi’an, China.

There will be a total of 12 teams coming from the regional qualifiers, the CFS 2017 National Finals, which takes place in 11 different regions around the world. The winners will gather at Xi’an Gymnasium to battle for the world championship. Europe will be represented by Flipsid3 Tactics – the winner of European Finals that happened during Gamescom 2017.

This year the CFS Grand Final has been extended by one day to allow the accommodation of all matches in one stage. Over the four days, the teams will compete in a double-elimination Group Stage and 8 teams will advance to the Tournament Stage in a single-elimination bracket.

A significantly expanded prize pool is another notable change compared to previous tournaments: This year’s CFS 2017 GF will include a base prize pool of USD 400,000 + an extra USD 450,000 prize pool contributed as eSports fund by Chinese users, making the total CFS 2017 prize pool, regional qualifiers included, a sizable USD 1,050,000.

The broadcast will be available in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Vietnamese via different channels. The English stream will be available here.

This will be the 6th edition of the CFS, the most prestigious eSports event in CROSSFIRE.

CROSSFIRE is one of the most played online FPS games in the world, with over 8 million active users and 650 million registered players. Last year’s CFS 2016 Grand Finals reached a viewership of 25 million people.

CROSSFIRE eSports director Brady Yeo stated that “CROSSFIRE eSports is growing bigger and bigger each year, expanding eSports contents worldwide. We will make sure to bring CROSSFIRE fans a great CFS Grand Finals this year as well.”

More information on the CFS 2017 can be found through the official CROSSFIRE eSports website ( ).

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