Civitatem - First gameplay trailer and Pre-Orders

LW Games's lonewolf developer George Neguceanu recently published the first gameplay video for Civitatem, a medieval city builder now in a pre-alpha stage and soon available for press and early backers of the game.

Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in dangerous lands, by making use of their skills and available world resources. Shape the future of your people, by managing and assigning the most skilled villager for each task. Educate them and research new technologies, fight off the natural elements or raiders and explore the land for new villages to develop new trades routes, acquire new technologies and develop diplomatic relations.

For those that want to support the game early, the indie studio decided to open the Pre-Orders page. By pre-ordering now you will be able to name a villager, access the upcoming closed tests and previews, DRM free copy and Steam Key on Early Access release in Q1 2018. More details on the official website:

Civitatem - First gameplay trailer and Pre-Orders Civitatem - First gameplay trailer and Pre-Orders Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5