ad2games successful with new approach in performance marketing

Innovative Campaigns using Audience Enhancement in Programmatic Advertising achieve top results

ad2games, Europe’s largest ad tech company specialized in online games marketing, has proven in recent weeks that it’s unconventional approach in online marketing can reach results that are becoming rare in performance marketing.

Using its proprietary Audience Enhancement technology, ad2games manages to exceed traditional boundaries of programmatic advertising and optimize its reach into the target audience.

For Fortnite, the exhilarating shooter launched by Epic Games this summer, ad2games launched a combined campaign consisting of banners and video ads. Using prospecting, and optimizing the campaign with its own audience Enhancement, the target audience could be reached with an unparalleled degree of efficiency. Through retargeting and followed-up with programmatic media buying, the set CTR and sales targets have been surpassed by 35%. Motivated by these results and using the data generated, Epic Gamesfollowed-up the success by launching another campaign to tap into new target groups and generate new customers.

Online games publisher Kakao Games has been trusting ad2games‘ expertise and the Audience Enhancement technology for over a year. During the launch of its latest and largest content update to the successful game Black Desert Online, ad2games was again able to achieve outstanding results.

The campaign for the game’s new Kamasylvia content update aimed to generate new players as well as to reach inactive players using programmatic advertising. In a combined effort between Kakao Games and ad2games, and using synergies between Connected TVs and the performance of Audience Enhancement, the campaign was able to achieve excellent awareness and results, while keeping the dynamic CPM constantly below EUR 5,-. The important factor of target audience reach has been significantly improved, with impressions being 53% higher than predefined targets, with constantly high CTRs.

“We are fully aware of the technical limitations and the strong competition in traditional media buying. Our main goal is to give our clients the edge in reaching their performance goals”, says Albert Schwarzmeier, CEO of ad2games. “Our approach using unique in-house technologies and algorithms to generate new players more efficiently and at lower cost is benefiting our partners, and this is where our combined success manifests itself”.

ad2games is specialized in marketing pay-to-play and free-to-play games for PC and consoles. Using proprietary tools and unique solutions and technologies, ad2games offers tailored and measurable branding campaigns that help its clients drive direct sales and generate new players for their games. More than 150 international, longstanding clients within the games industry, including Kakao Games, Innogames, Gameforge, Wargaming and many more, trust ad2games’ products and services.

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