$1B AR/VR investment in Q4, $2.5B this year

After mobile AR startup Niantic raised $200 million today, Digi-Capital has analyzed all the startups across 27 AR/VR sectors that have raised $1 billion in the fourth quarter so far www.digi-capital.com/news/2017/11/1-billion-ar-vr-investment-in-q4-2-5-billion-this-year-so-far/ . This is only the second time the billion dollar figure has been reached in a single quarter. Three quarters of a billion dollars went into big deals like Magic Leap’s $502 million and Niantic’s $200 million, with VCs investing another quarter of a billion dollars into smaller rounds. AR/VR startups have raised $2.5 billion since the start of January 2017, equaling the record for AR/VR investment in a single 12 month period (with 5 weeks left to go in the year).

A full and more detailed release with analysis and accompanying infographics you can use for any story are at www.digi-capital.com/news/2017/11/1-billion-ar-vr-investment-in-q4-2-5-billion-this-year-so-far/

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