VR Adventure FPS OVERTURN Now Available on Steam

Escape the confines of a deadly laboratory alongside a new companion, MAGI - fight back for your freedom and uncover the truth

SAN FRANCISCO - Oct. 17, 2017 - OVERTURN, the first-person shooter action-puzzle adventure game developed by Studio HG and published by YJM Games, is now available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via digital download on Steam at a special launch discount of $26.99 for a limited time. OVERTURN will launch on the Oculus store soon after launch. As survivors of dangerous genetic experimentation in a secret lab deep underground, OVERTURN is a story-driven action title that challenges players to escape from a terrifying new world. Combined with the immense psychic powers of a new companion, MAGI, OVERTURN presents an imaginative adventure with puzzle elements and core gunplay and melee action that will keep players engaged throughout an extensive singleplayer campaign, with a multiplayer mode being added soon after launch. A fellow survivor of the laboratory’s dangerous genetic experiments, MAGI can use her powers to assist the player’s fight against their captors - but can they trust her?

Purchase OVERTURN on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/650070/OVERTURN/

OVERTURN offers players a wide arsenal of weapons and other techniques to conquer incoming foes. Get ready to master the use of beam rifles, energy swords, grenades, mechanical robots and even bare fists to destroy any active threats to your freedom! Beyond this impressive array of weapons, players will need to stay nimble with quick reactions and focus to dodge incoming projectiles and return fire at the enemy. In addition to facing enemies within the single player campaign, OVERTURN will release in-depth PVP multiplayer functionality in the coming weeks in the form of a free update for all players.

Even with the massive firepower afforded to the player, some additional help will come from MAGI, a fellow surviving lab experiment. Imbued with psychic powers, MAGI can help defend you from enemies as well as go on the offensive and destroy any foes. With Infinite Charge, Grenade, Battle MAGI, Time Slow, Shield and HP boosts, MAGI is an all-powerful ally to have - but where does her allegiance lie?

OVERTURN includes features to support content creation, including built-in Twitch chat support as well as third-person camera systems that can be manipulated to provide an alternate perspective on the action.

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