It’s time to get spooky!

New Halloween bricks for Tricky Towers!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 25, 2017 – To celebrate the coming of Halloween, WeirdBeard Games are releasing a free brick skin pack for all Tricky Towers players to get into the spirit of the holiday before October 31st. The Halloween bricks feature Halloween favourites like pumpkins, bats and spiders. They are part of the latest Tricky Towers update on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Tricky Towers Tournament Pack

Perfect for any time of the year when friends and family will be getting together, the Tricky Towers Tournament Pack is a printable set of goodies for anyone to host their own Tricky Towers tournament! Especially on Halloween, much better to gather some other people, cuddle up on the couch and ride out any scares together. The pack comes with rules, a tournament roster, printable papercraft wizard crowns, and even an awesome 3D printable Super Tricky Towers Cup if you really want a prize worthy of a champion wizard!


  • Conjure up your wizard’s tower: cleverly stack your summoned blocks and use over 17 different spells to win the race to see who can build the highest tower
  • Tumble down your rivals: use dark spells to hamper or even push over your competitors towers, but beware… they can use these spells on you as well!
  • Match your wizardry online: challenge up to 4 players locally or online in one of the 3 game modes available; survival, race and puzzle.
  • Take up tricky wizard trials: these challenges require a sharp mind and shrewd magical engineering!
  • Become the archwizard: climb up the leaderboard and see how you rank among your peers
  • Win the Wizardry cup: Participate in local and online tournaments and become the next Harry Potter!
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