E3 Gets A New Logo For 2018

This year's E3 will have a new logo, organisers have announced, while sales for exhibitors are now on sale. The new logo orients the E and the 3 horizontally, compared to the E3 2017 logo that had the E and the 3 stacked on top of each other.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which organises E3 every year, said in a statement that the new logo has a "familiar color scheme, but the design is updated for sharper performance on modern digital applications."

E3 2018 runs June 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The ESA said it expects E3 2018 to exceed the numbers that E3 2017 did for the number of exhibitors and games on show. More than 300 exhibitors attended E3 2017, showing off 2,000 products.

Potential E3 exhibitors can inquire about securing a space by visiting the Exhibit Sales page on the official E3 website   -   www.E3Expo.com.

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