Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide

Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide: Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, And More In Stock Now

September 20 update 2:
Xbox One X pre-orders have gone live at multiple retailers in the US. For as long as they remain in stock, you can pre-order through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, and Newegg. The previously announced GameStop bundles range in price from $570 to $800, although the system is also available on its own, too. Keep in mind these are the standard editions, not the Scorpio edition. They offer the same functionality; you'll simply be missing out on a special design and a free vertical base that allows you to stand your console upright.

September 20 update: GameStop's Xbox One X pre-orders go live today, and Microsoft has announced that a number of other retailers will also follow suit. These include the Microsoft Store and Amazon. We'll report back with more specifics as they're available.

September 19 update: GameStop has announced that it will offer pre-orders on the standard edition Xbox One X beginning on September 20 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. Quantities are likely to be limited. The retailer will also offer optional layaway bundles, as well as up to $200 in credit for PowerUp Rewards members who trade in their existing console toward the new system.

August 25 update:
If you've had trouble pre-ordering an Xbox One X, this might be why: Microsoft has announced it is the fastest pre-ordered Xbox console ever. The Scorpio Edition appears to be mostly sold out--although, again, you might have luck by continuing to check in at retailers that are currently out of stock. Microsoft says details on pre-orders of the standard edition will be shared at some point in September. We'll report back as we receive more information.

August 23 update: Retailers have sporadically been bringing pre-orders back online over the last day. As of this writing, Target has them back in stock again, although they may not last long. As with the SNES Classics, which have reappeared briefly, it may be worth periodically checking the retailer listings linked below to see if you can get lucky. Keep in mind, the Scorpio Edition will be available by pre-order only, though the system is functionally identical to the standard Xbox One X model.

Original Story: Microsoft's Gamescom livestream today brought with it the expected news: Xbox One X pre-orders are now live. Below, you'll find the basic details on how and where to pre-order the system. We'll continue to update this as more retailers bring their pre-orders online. The Xbox One Xlaunches worldwide on November 7 for $500 / £449 / AU $649. Pre-orders are already available through a number of retailers, which you can visit through the links below.


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