Insomniac Games has a new logo

Insomniac Games, the studio behind games like Spyro, Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and the upcoming Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4, has revealed a new company logo. In a blog post, the studio said it challenged itself to "think beyond the moon" for its logo. And this led to some big changes.

"We wanted a redesign that reflected our evolution as a studio and as people while retaining some familiarity to our past logo treatments," it said. "We're very proud, excited, and yes, a little nervous to reveal our new Insomniac Games logo."

"It's got a lunar theme, with what appear to be two crescent moons facing each other as the 'O'--reminiscent of our past and future. Many folks here also see a portal or lens for the 'O,' which we like because it symbolizes exploration as well as how many of our fans see us differently," Insomniac explained.

"Observant fans will see the subtle callbacks to our previous Insomniac Games logo, including the oversized 'O,' serif lettering on the 'N' and the positioning of 'Games' as a core part of our identity."

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