PUBG PCS4 Europe Grand Finals Begin 12 June

PUBG PCS4 Europe Grand Finals Begin 12 June

The stage is now set for the PCS4 Grand Finals, which will take place across four regions from 10-27 June. Sixteen teams in each region (Europe, Americas, Asia, and Asia Pacific) are ready to battle it out for their share of $1 million USD. See all the details below.

The total combined prize pool for these regional tournaments is $1,000,000, an increase on the PCS3 combined prize pool of $800,000. Each regional tournament will have a prize pool of $250,000. An additional 30 percent of revenue from the PCS4 Pick‘Em Challenge will be added to the overall prize pool. For further details on the prize pool, visit the official PUBG Esports EU news site.

  • The Pick‘Em Challenge has returned for PCS4 and gives fans the opportunities to earn in-game rewards by correctly predicting the outcomes during each regional tournament.

  • PCS4 Pick’Em Challenge consists of two distinct in-game events: “Pick The Winner” and “Team Face-Off”
  • Similar to previous Pick‘Em Challenges, fans need voting coupons to “vote” on the outcome they think is most likely. Voting coupons can be obtained by purchasing thematic PCS4 items or by using “codes” that will appear during the PCS4 broadcast.
  • Players who vote and correctly predict the outcome of matches will earn Esports Points (EP), which can be redeemed for additional in-game items. For the “Pick The Winner” event, participants can vote up to 7 times per region and will earn 100,000 EP per correct selection.
  • A bonus “Chicken Challenge” event will take place on the official PUBG Twitch channel, allowing viewers to predict which team will win the most Chicken Dinners.
  • As mentioned above, 30% of revenue generated from Pick‘Em challenge sales will be added to the PCS4 prize pool.

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