Clan War Returns to BlackShot

Clan War Returns to BlackShot

As the holiday season settles in, Vertigo Games has released a free content update, titled Operation Frozen Anger, for its flagship free-to-play online First-Person Shooter, BlackShot. This massive Christmas-themed update returns the beloved Clan War mode to the game, along with new weapons, character skin, and winter-themed maps.

In the newly improved Clan War mode, players will get to rally with their respective Clans and seek rival Clans to do battle against. Wins and losses will factor into Clan rankings, and Clans will want to recruit and field the toughest players available in order to climb the ranks and achieve maximum dominance.

Along with Clan War mode, the Operation Frozen Anger update introduces two Tier-5 weapons: the HK416 Blackest Grade assault rifle and McMillan Blackest Grade sniper rifle, and a new character skin: Santa Irene, a combat medic and expert tactician.

The return of Clan War, along with the Mastery System, military-style Ranks are the result of continued feedback from the BlackShot community, as the legendary FPS continues its march into 2020 with more updates on the way.

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